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    Beamtech Optronics Co., Ltd.

    Beamtech China is a high-tech laser company specialized in solid-state laser’s design, development, manufacture, sales and service. As professional manufacturer of solid-state lasers, Beamtech China follows the advanced technologies on laser designing, developing and engineering and holds dozens of patents in laser optical design, novel resonator, laser mechanics, electrical design and many other aspects.

    Beamtech China provides various of flash lamp and diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers for scientific research, medical , industrial OEM lasers and custom-built laser systems tailored to customer requirements. By features of stable and reliable performance, good beam quality, easy to operate and other approved advantages from customers, Beamtech China delivered a large number of lasers worldwide. 

    Since developing 100J Nd:Glass high energy nanosecond laser system for Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005, Beamtech China has successfully delivered more than 30 sets of high energy (output energy higher than 6J) laser system worldwide including one system to GE Aviation in 2010 for laser peening application. 
    Beamtech China has also developed a standard technology product line specifically for medical cosmetology. With the stand out features as perfect beam profile, compact size and high efficiency, one lamp two rods patent structure, the Q-switched nanosecond laser series Mianna-Q have been delivered around 4000 units worldwide. In 2016, Beamtech China also released the new picosecond laser model Peak-Q, which provides the new generation solution in the field.

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