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    Dawa Series Laser

  • Fundamental wavelength covers 10 mJ-300 mJ output
  • Higher harmonics available
  • Module design and easy to use
  • Industrial design to ensure long term operation
  • Humanization design and easy for integration
  • Customization version available
  • Dawa series is a lamp pumped EO-Q switched nanosecond Nd:YAG laser system with compact size and high reliability. It is suitable for various kinds of scientific and industrial applications. 
  • 1、Laser 


    2、Mechanical dimension and working conditions

    Dawa series lasers were developed in 2007. It was designed as a Industrial level laser that greatly fits OEM system integration. The energy level is relatively low, from 10-300 mJ. The SHG, THG and FHG are available.

    Dawa series lasers provides both multimode and VRM mode beam with good beam quality. The scientific and industrial design ensures the good beam quality. Features as optical shutter, flow senser, power supply interlock make sure the safety use as the top priority. Dawa series lasers passed CE certification in 2014.

    Dawa series lasers are suitable for many applications, including LIBS, LIDAR, LIF and PIV, etc. During the past few years, hundreds of Dawa series lasers have been delivered and earned great reputation.
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  • LIF                
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