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    Lapa Series Laser

  • Diode pumped with 1 billion shots lifetime
  • Air cooling without maintenance
  • EO-Q switched with accurate timing
  • 1064 nm with over 80 mJ energy output
  • Higher harmonics available
  • Portable design with compact size
  • Easy for system integration

  • Lapa series is a DPSS air cooling EO-Q switched laser aiming for OEM system integration. 
  • 1Laser


    2、Mechanical dimension and working conditions

    Lapa series is Beamtech's brand new DPSS laser product which applies uniform pumping and conduction cooling technologies to realize real portable nanosecond laser source. This series provide the new solution to various scientific, industrial and military applications. More than 20 units have been delivered since the release at the beginning of year 2015.

    Unlike traditional lamp pumped laser systems, Lapa's pump source is diode laser which possess features as low energy consumption, high efficiency, long lifetime. It is very suitable for all weather working conditions. Lapa also applies TEC conduction cooling technology to avoid any water usage while keeping the working stability. Lapa applies EO-Q switched technology to provide accurate timing, which is key to analysis instrument. 

    Based on all these features, Lapa is the perfect choice for applications like LIDAR, mass spectroscopy and LIBS.
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  • Mass spectroscopy
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