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    Q : Control box does not work

    A : Please check whether emergency button is pushed down.

    Q : No light under internal trigger

    A : Please check whether there is external signal at Q-in interface.

    Q : No light under external trigger

    A : Please check whether laser is switched to EXT mode and make sure the input signal is the correct TTL level.

    Q : Laser indicates water fault

    A : Please check whether the cooling system is working properly. Besides, also check the conditions of filter.

    Q : What is the expected lifetime for flash lamp

    A : Generally, the life time for flash lamp is 20 million to 30 million shots. However, it is also related with the customer's using conditions and frequency. 

    Q : How to replace the flash lamp

    A : Please refer to the user manual. If there is any questions, please contact our engineers directly.

    Q : How often should the water be replaced

    A : Every three months, the water should be replaced. Distilled water should be used. Besides, the filter should be replaced every six months. 

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